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Knowing and Loving God

Knowing and Loving God May 19, 2017

The Importance of Teen Discipleship: Interview with Pastor Sterling Archer

I enjoy working with teenagers in ministry and believe that teen discipleship is so important because they are at a pivotal point in their walk with God. By this age, teens have heard a lot of information from the many influences around them, including parents, youth pastors, peers, music, media, teachers, and education, and they are coming to their own conclusions about life. If they do not have the foundation of knowledge about what they believe, coupled by a growing personal relationship with Jesus, they are more apt to fall away from their faith.

Knowing and Loving God November 13, 2016

My Story

Being a mom is not easy. I never knew the depth of my sin, my pride, my lack of patience, and my need for control until I became a mom. I have never been so humbled and so in need of God’s help until I became a mom.