Devotionals January 9, 2023

A Mama Heart Like Jesus: A Guide to Discipling Our Kids 

As moms who love Jesus, we want nothing more than to raise our kids to know, love, and follow Jesus too.  But how do we best impart this devotion to our kids when we are flawed and sinful by nature?  The answer, I believe, is to let Jesus transform us to become more and more like Him in the way we act and how we disciple our kids.  We need a mommy make-over…not a make-over of our outer appearance but a makeover of our hearts…Let’s take a closer look at  how Jesus discipled His followers to learn how we can be Mamas who disciple our kids to follow Him too.   

Devotionals January 2, 2023

Author Highlight: Wendy Ann Mattox, The Magic Magnifying Glass & Cherry-Berry Time Chaser Chapter Book Series

I found out about Ms. Wendy Ann Mattox through her Instagram page and was intrigued to hear that she writes Christian chapter books for kids!   After reading the first book, I was very impressed and persuaded to share her book series with my followers.  I love how she creates fun story-lines full of adventure while weaving in Christian themes in kid-friendly ways.  I believe kids will not only be entertained but will grow in their faith from reading her chapter books.  Let’s find out more about Wendy and her books! 

Knowing and Loving God January 2, 2023

Making A Spiritual Discipleship Plan for Your Family

Recently the Lord connected me with Charmé Fletcher, founder of the blog, Covenant Heirs, and coauthor with her husband of Making a Spiritual Discipleship Plan.  My husband and I enjoyed using her spiritual discipleship plan resource to come up with our own discipleship plan for our family.  It is an amazing tool and really helped us develop a vision for our family, so we stay centered on what matters most in life.  I asked her to guest blog for us to tell you more about this wonderful tool… 

Reflecting His Character January 1, 2023

To Save or to Spend: Teaching Kids Money Management
from a Biblical Perspective

As we teach our children to know and love God and follow in His ways, encouraging them to honor God with their money is an important task that cannot be neglected. One of the roles my husband plays in parenting our kids is teaching them about money management, since he is both knowledgeable and interested in the topic.  We have also learned from other parents and resources and implemented some basic strategies to help get our kids off to the right start. 

Devotionals, Reflecting His Character January 1, 2023

Character Calendars

As part of the preschool curriculum I am developing, A Heart Like Jesus, I am creating Character Calendars to encourage our children’s character development in fun and simple ways!  Each month I will have a character calendar available for you on a specific virtue that includes ways to practice the character trait, a Bible verse to memorize, and Bible stories to read, and other fun games to encourage your kids!  

Knowing and Loving God December 19, 2022

The Importance of Teen Discipleship: Interview with Pastor Sterling Archer

I enjoy working with teenagers in ministry and believe that teen discipleship is so important because they are at a pivotal point in their walk with God. By this age, teens have heard a lot of information from the many influences around them, including parents, youth pastors, peers, music, media, teachers, and education, and they are coming to their own conclusions about life. If they do not have the foundation of knowledge about what they believe, coupled by a growing personal relationship with Jesus, they are more apt to fall away from their faith.

Devotionals December 2, 2022

21 Days of Surprises: A Countdown to Christmas

Several years ago I decided to make a Christmas Countdown Devotional to share with all of you.  As I  prayed about what I wanted it to look like, I contemplated what we as parents really want to prioritize during the Christmas season. These three things came to mind: Sharing the story of Jesus’ birth with our children,
spending special time with our families, and finding ways to share God’s love with others.