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Knowing and Loving God

Knowing and Loving God May 1, 2022

Making A Spiritual Discipleship Plan for Your Family

Recently the Lord connected me with Charmé Fletcher, founder of the blog, Covenant Heirs, and coauthor with her husband of Making a Spiritual Discipleship Plan.  My husband and I enjoyed using her spiritual discipleship plan resource to come up with our own discipleship plan for our family.  It is an amazing tool and really helped us develop a vision for our family, so we stay centered on what matters most in life.  I asked her to guest blog for us to tell you more about this wonderful tool… 

Knowing and Loving God January 7, 2022

5 Goals For Intentional Parenting

As each new year approaches, I begin to think about what I want to do differently and ask God how I can be more effective and intentional in different areas of my life.  One of the areas I have been praying about is how to be more intentional with my kids.  As a mom, one of the most important assignments I have is to raise my children to know, love, and follow the Lord.

Knowing and Loving God December 1, 2021

Children’s Podcast Highlight: Discovery Mountain
with Jean Boonstra

My kids and I have enjoyed listening to Discovery Mountain, a dramatized audio program that leads children closer to Jesus and God’s Word through its entertaining and impactful stories.  We wanted to get a closer look at this amazing ministry, so I contacted Discovery Mountain to ask them some questions.  I am very pleased to introduce you to Jean Boonstra, founder of Discovery Mountain.  Thank you, Jean, for talking with us about your amazing audio program for families!

Knowing and Loving God November 25, 2021

Best Christmas Resources to Focus on Jesus This Holiday Season

What do your kids love about Christmas?  Mine love decorating the Christmas tree (my husband’s least favorite part), making, icing, and eating Christmas cookies, and spending time with their cousins…  Christmas is fun and full of exciting activities, but with so much to look forward to, if we are not careful, it can become easy to loose sight of the main reason for Christmas.