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The following reviews are based solely on my opinion from having read through the content and gathered feedback from other like-minded moms.  Some of the age ranges were taken from the author’s description, while others are my own opinions based on the vocabulary level, amount of words used in the text, and observations from having used them with children.  Be sure to check back for more great resources to come!

Fisher-Price Little People A Christmas Story

Best for ages 1-5

When my daughter was only one, her grandmother gave her this nativity play set for Christmas.  I took the characters and very simply acted out the Christmas story with her.  She LOVED it and would laugh and ask me to do it again.  She may not have understood the entire reason Jesus came to the world, but she was learning that telling the story of baby Jesus was the most important part about Christmas.  We left it out for her to play with all season, and each Christmas the kids still enjoy pulling it out and setting it up.

My Merry Christmas (padded board book)
By: Sally Lloyd Jones

Best for ages 2-5

From the author of Jesus Story Book Bible comes this sweet rhyming book that teaches little ones the meaning behind Christmas symbols such as lights, angels, and stars, pointing them all to Jesus and the story of Christmas.

What Is Christmas?
What is Christmas? 

By: Michelle Medlock Adams

CandyCane Press

Best for ages 3-7

This rhyming book series is one of my favorites for teaching the true meaning of Christmas. Each page suggests different ideas of what Christmas is about, but by the end of the book, the conclusion is made that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus, God’s greatest gift to save the world.

God Gave Us Christmas

By: Lisa Town Bergren


Best for ages: 4-7

Like all the God Gave Us books, this precious story gets to the heart of Christmas in an endearing way for children by explaining about Jesus through nature.  One thing I particularly like is how Momma Bear explains the difference between Santa and Jesus to Little Cub, and how Little Cub becomes more excited about Jesus than anything else at Christmas time.

The Legends of Christmas Treasury: Inspirational Stories of Faith and Giving

By: Lori Walburg and Dandi Daley Mackall


Best for ages 4-9

This new Christmas resource has three classic Christmas legends in one, a great value!  The Legend of the Christmas Cookie and The Legend of St. Nicholas both share messages of generosity, and the Legend of the Candy Cane teaches the message of Jesus and the hope that is found in Him.  All three are endearing stories to warm your holiday and put your family in the Christmas spirit.

The Christmas Story: Drawn Directly from the Bible

Concordia Publishing House

Best for ages 4-10

We have used this Christmas book to tell the story of Christmas with our children for several years.  I love the realistic illustrations and how the wording is drawn straight from the Bible.  The book also covers the entire Christmas message from Zechariah and Elizabeth to the three wise men.  There are discussion questions, a prayer and relatable activities for each section of the story, too.  This would be a great way to read the Scriptures when following an advent calendar or reading though the Christmas story as the kids will have a great visual while hearing the message.

Advent/Christmas Countdowns

Advent Candle Set. “Made in the USA” Self Fitting End. Premium Hand Dipped Candles, Dripless, 4 pack – 3 purple, 1 pink

Whether you come from a traditional church background or not, using the Scriptures and candle lighting timeline from advent is a great way to focus on the coming of Jesus each day with your children.  There is something about lighting candles that makes your devotional time a very special and sacred experience.

Christmas 3-D Advent Calendar – The Night Before Xmas – 24 Hidden Doors and Surprises For The Countdown To Christmas

Advent calendars are a great Christmas resource to use with your kids as they anticipate the birth of Christ!  We always had advent calendars growing up, and it’s always fun to open the next door and get excited about Christmas!  My kids have enjoyed these types of calendars as well!

21 Days of Surprises: A Countdown to Christmas 

This Christmas resource, a three week count-down to Christmas is similar to an advent calendar, but instead of opening a door each day, your family will embark on a journey to the manger.  Every day your family will move to the next space on the trail and either read part of the Christmas story and answer questions, do a hands-on application activity, or participate in a family fun day or service project.  The count down allows you to pick the days you would like to do each activity to make it conducive for your family’s needs and help you prioritize Jesus at Christmas.

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Christmas Music

Seeds of Christmas

Seeds Family Worship

This great audio Christmas album by Seeds Family Worship is packed full of lyrics directly form the Christmas story in the Bible.  Your kids will not only enjoy the music but be memorizing God’s Word as they sing along!

Songs Kids Really Love To Sing: 17 Christmas Songs

Star Song Music

These classic Christmas songs are sung by a children’s choir and will get your kids in the holiday spirit as they learn the classic songs we all know from childhood.

Christmas DVD’s 

The Legend of Candy Cane

Best for ages 4-9

This movie, based on the best selling book, will encourage your children to see the hope that comes with the true meaning of Christmas, when a hopeless town is inspired by a new candy shop and the message of Jesus told through a candy cane.

What’s In The Bible? Buck Denver Asks…Why Do We Call it Christmas?

Phil Vischer: Maker of Veggie Tales

You will love this movie, packed not only with fun entertainment for your kids but with knowledge about Christmas that even parents can learn from.  Your kids will learn interesting facts such as why we call the holiday Christmas, when was Jesus really born, and how Santa Clause fits into the story of Christmas.

The Crippled Lamb

Tommy Nelson Publishing 

This animated DVD is a Christmas resource sure to steal your children’s hearts with its sweet message based around the Christmas story and enjoyable music.  Based on Max Lucado’s story of Joshua, a lonely, lame lamb has an opportunity to bless baby Jesus and learn that God has a special plan for him, too.