Christian Parent Resources

Resources are powerful tools to encourage our children to grow deeper in their faith and mature in their character. I have found this to be true with my own children, and I hope that you find this to be true as well! Here is a list of resources that I hope you will find helpful. I pray that these will be great tools to bring God’s Word and truths into your home as you create an environment of knowing, loving, and following the Lord with your children.

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The following book reviews are solely my opinion having reviewed and applied principles from them with my children. Be sure to check back for more great resources to come!

Junior’s Adventures:the Boxed Set
By: Dave Ramsey
Ramsey Press

Best for ages 4-12

This six book collection introduces the concept of budgeting through the ‘envelope system,’ where all money received is divided into envelopes marked Give, Save, and Spend. They teach children to pro-actively find extra work to do when they want something they cannot afford, save up for it, and pay cash for it rather than going into debt because they cannot wait to have it. They teach responsible spending, delayed gratification, the joy of sharing with others, and the importance of honesty and integrity. Our kids and I love reading these books (over and over!), and I have enjoyed watching them implement the concepts.