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The following reviews are based solely on my opinion from having read through the content and gathered feedback from other like-minded moms.  Some of the age ranges were taken from the author’s description, while others are my own opinions based on the vocabulary level, amount of words used in the text, and observations from having used them with children.  Be sure to check back for more great resources to come! 

Girls Devotionals

By: Kenneth N. Taylor
Tyndale House Foundation/10 Publishing

Best for ages 4-8

This book was recommended to me by a friend, and I truly love it! Kenneth Taylor takes the entire Christian faith and organizes it into themes to help children understand God and His plans for us. Topics include the Bible, God’s character, our need for Jesus as our savior, the Holy Spirit, and how to live for God. It also includes a section about Jesus coming back. His comprehensive, yet simple approach is perfect to help young children understand the basics of our Christian faith.  This could be read just as a children’s book, but there is also a question at the end of each section, so I included it in the devotional section.

By: Jennifer Geralds
Tommy Nelson

Best for ages 6-10

This is a fun, simple devotional for moms to do with their elementary aged girls or for girls to do on their own. Each devotional takes about five minutes and discusses a truth about God’s love and/or trait of inner beauty. Some devotionals have brief questions, scenarios, or an activity, and there is a simple prayer at the end of each one. My daughter has learned about persevering through trials, having a repentant heart, and encouraging others. There are 90 devotionals in this book. There are several other devotionals in this series, and I would recommend trying them out as well.

LifeWay Kids 

Best for ages 7-11 

I found this devotional for my daughter once she had prayed to receive Christ at 6 years old.  This devotional can be done with parents, but it is mainly for children to do for their own personal devotional or “quiet time.”  Each lesson teaches topics about God such as spending time with Him, prayer, sharing our faith, and ways we hear God speak to us.  There are fun puzzles to do and Scripture readings as well.  Your child will need enough foundation to be able to look up verses in the Bible, read them, and write answers to questions.  I started out doing the devotion with my daughter to get her excited about it and help her understand how to do each lesson.  Now she is able to do most of it on her own. There are several other versions of this devotional, such as one specifically for girls, one for boys, and one for older kids that I may try in the future.  I love that she is spending time with God and growing in her faith through this devotional!

By: Carolyn Larsen and Sergey Eliseev
Tyndale Kids Publishing 

Best for ages 5-8 

My daughter has always been a princess girl, and she loved this devotional book.  We started reading it together when she was four or five, and she continued to want to read it over and over again.  The book contains 30 lessons about women or “princesses” from the Bible and a positive attribute or character trait about each.  Because the story is told from the princess’s point of view, there is some liberty in how the story is told, however the overall story is consistent with Scripture.  Each lesson ends with a comprehension question, an application question, and a verse to look up and apply to the theme.  Its nice to have Biblical characters as princess role models, not just Disney ® ones!

By:Janice Thompson
Barbour Kidz

Best for ages 6-12

This devotional reading and prayer map will help guide girls through their prayer time and journaling with topics related to trusting God, being persistent in prayer, and experiencing the power of prayer. Your girls will be encouraged to spend regular time with their heavenly Faither and develop a closer connection with Him through prayer.

By:Janice Thompson
Barbour Kidz

Best for ages 8-12

This devotional reminds girls that their Heavenly Father wants to hear from them! Topics include forgiveness, friendship, joy, serving, the future, difficult times, thankfulness, trust, and more. Each prayer includes a related scripture to encourage girls and help them to be courageous.

By: Elizabeth George
Harvest House Publishers

Best for ages 8-12

This devotional has such a good message and really gets to God’s heart for pre-teen girls! I am a fan of Elizabeth George’s books for women, and I think she does a fantastic job encouraging others in their relationship with Jesus. In this book, she encourages girls to find their real treasure in God and to follow Him with all their heart. As she and her husband put it, “to be willing to go on whatever adventure God wants you to do.” She gives examples of how girls can practically apply this message when dealing with their families, school, church, friends, and even with themselves. I am definitely putting this on my list to read with my daughter when she is old enough!

By: Elizabeth George
Harvest House Publishers

Best for ages 8-12

This is a wonderful devotional for pre-teen girls about making good choices in life based on God’s Word. Some of the topics include spending time with God, choosing friends, choosing words carefully, displaying a positive attitude, and choosing to trust God. This would be a great book for a mother and daughter to go through together, or if the daughter is mature enough, to go through alone.

By: M.R. Wells, Connie Fleishauer, Dottie P Adams
Worthy Inspired

Best for ages 11-12

This devotional is perfect for the cat-lover in your family. Each unique cat story has a message to share relating to our relationship with God with a related scripture verse and question to consider and apply to your own life. My daughter is enjoying this devotional, often with her cat sleeping nearby.

By: Vicki Courtney
B&H Publishing Company

Best for ages 9-12

This mother-daughter devotional was recommended by a friend, so I purchased it and have loved going through it with my daughter. Topics such as worrying, caring what others think, jealousy, and bad attitudes are just a few of the very relevant topics discussed. Each weekly devotional includes a scripture passage, questions to get your daughter thinking, a relevant story, and questions for both mom and daughter to answer and discuss together. I love how this devotional cultivates a way to grow deeper with your daughter and brings about God’s truth to our children in very practical ways.

By: Vicki Courtney
B&H Kids

Best for ages 10-13

I loved Vicki Courtney’s Between Us devotional so much, I looked for other devotionals she has written for tween/teen girls and was presently surprised to find this one!  My 7th grade daughter is reading it on her own during her devotional time, and then occasionally we will do one together or discuss one she has already done.  The topics are perfect for her stage of life, as she realizes how much her peers try to find their worth in friends, looks, and activities.  I love how Vicki  speaks in a fun, encouraging way and challanges girls to appreciate how God has created and uniquely gifted them as HIs children, rather than trying to fit in and be like their peers.

By: Mable Hale Revised by: Karen Andreola
Great Expectations CO

Best for ages 10-15

This book, originally written decades ago, has become a classic in the Christian homeschool community. It was highly recommended by my 18-year-old niece, who read it with her mother at age 12 and several times later on her own. She says it’s informative, practical, and challenging, and it has helped her grow in wisdom over the years. Knowing my niece’s amazing heart for the Lord and sweet, loving spirit, I am confident that God has used this book to positively build her character. Some of the topics include friendships, modesty, good attitudes, and boys. The Companion Guide to Beautiful Girlhood is a great study guide to buy with the book for mothers and daughters to do together. While styles and trends change over time, and some of the ideas may seem old fashioned to some, the virtues and principles in this book are timeless.