Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress”
James 1:27

Foster Care and Adoption Resources

There are countless children around the world in desperate need of a loving family, and fostering or adopting a child is an impactful way to follow the heart of God for orphans. Fostering and/or adopting a child after already having children can be a wonderful family ministry that your kids get to be a part of.  While I have not personally been involved with this ministry, I know several families who have, and I’ve seen God grow and mature the other children in the family as they welcome a new sibling into their home.  Although fostering or adopting requires a significant commitment, I have seen and heard such beautiful testimonies of how God changes the lives of both the adopted children and their new families! If you are feeling led to pursue fostering or adopting and want to learn more, please visit the websites below.

While these ministries are located in different states, you don’t have to live near their location to adopt through their agency for most.

Counsel on Accreditation: This organization, also known as COA, is the only accreditation agency that is approved by the Department of State for ensuring ethical practices and the best interest of each child in each adoption process.  The name of the accreditation is called Hague. There are around 200 adoption agencies that COA accredits.  They also have a handy guide for choosing an approved foster or adoption agency that is right for you. Information about a specific country’s adoption policies and a list of accredited agencies are given.

Arrow Child and Family Ministries: Texas, Maryland, California

This organization was founded by a former foster child who was raised in a loving, Christian home.  The agency’s mission is to rescue children from abusive situations and provide care and resources from a Christian perspective. I have had several friends who have used this ministry in Spring, TX, and they had very positive experiences.

CCAI China Adoption Program: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Wyoming

This agency is ranked #1 by the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption for Chinese agencies and is accredited by Hague. They adopt from China, Haiti, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria,Taiwan, and domestically in the US.  They provide online and on-site adoptive training classes for parents.

Dillon International: Arkansas, California, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

This agency, also accredited by Hague, has been around since 1972 and has several different countries they partner with including China, Columbia, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, and Vietnam.  The parents of a good friend of mine adopted through this agency and were very pleased.  Their website provides a lot of great resources to help and educate parents through the process of adoption.

Carolina Adoption Services: Greensboro, NC

Here is another Hague accredited adoption agency that adopts from Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Haiti, South Korea, and Uganda.  Their website provides some resources and webinars to help you through the learning process as well.

Adoption and Family Network: Berthoud, CO

This agency adopts form Korea and China.  A friend of mine adopted through this agency and had very positive experience.  They are licensed and accredited by Hague adoption agency.  She chose this agency because she felt it was smaller and more personal than some.