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The following reviews are based solely on my opinion from having read through the content and gathered feedback from other like-minded moms.  Some of the age ranges were taken from the author’s description, while others are my own opinions based on the vocabulary level, amount of words used in the text, and observations from having used them with children.  Be sure to check back for more great resources to come! 

Girls Devotionals

By: Allia Zobel Nolan

Best for ages 12-16

I gave this book to a group of teen girls to do during their personal devotional time, and they have really enjoyed it. This 90-day devotional is centered on the amazing verse found in Philippians 4:8, reminding us to think about whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Each devotional touches on one of these traits and gives thoughts about how to apply this verse to your daily life. These girls have felt that the devotional is very relatable to their world, and they like the advice the author has to offer. There is a section for them to journal their own thoughts about what they want to learn from each devotional, too. This is an important reminder for teens who are surrounded by negative influences, because it helps them make good choices in life, whether it’s with music, movies, friends, or dating.

By: M.R. Wells, Connie Fleishauer, Dottie P Adams
Worthy Inspired

Best for ages 12-18

This devotional is perfect for the cat-lover in your family. Each unique cat story has a message to share relating to our relationship with God with a related scripture verse and question to consider and apply to your own life. My daughter is enjoying this devotional, often with her cat sleeping nearby.

By: Point of Grace
Howard Books

Best for ages 13-17

I went through this study with a group of teen girls, and they loved it. The topics cover faith, family, friends, and boys. Each section has a story from one of the members of Point of Grace, scriptures to discuss and apply, and questions to answer. It is written in a language most teen girls can relate to and enjoy, and the graphics and text make it fun and girly. While I did this study in a small group, it could easily be done as a teen devotional and has encouraging truths for girls to learn. The band takes a fairly conservative approach to dating, focusing on scriptures in weighing decisions and making sure God takes priority in relationships, but I would advise looking through the book first to make sure you are in agreement with their perspective. The very last section talks about purity and waiting for marriage, which is an important topic to be addressed, especially with older teens. There is another book, Girls of Grace Devotional, that appears to be similar and is formatted as a daily devotional for personal study or mother/daughter mentorship.

By: Sophie Hudson
B&H Publishing Company

Best for ages 13-18

This uplifting book has 100 days of devotions to help teen girls remember that Jesus is all they need. The devotional allows girls to spend time praying about each topic and give their worries to God through journalling on each page. I believe this is a wonderful devotional to help your teen girl grow in her personal relationship with the Lord. A young teenager I know loves this devotional and is learning a lot through the messages.

Sovrin Publishing

Best for Ages 12-18

This devotional journal helps your teen girl understand her true identity through related scripture verses. Each day your daughter will read a scripture verse, journal what the verse tells her about her identity in Christ, reflect on how she can apply this truth to her own life, and write out a related prayer. In a world where our teen girls are hearing so many mixed messages and lies, this devotional is a great way to keep them grounded and transformed by God’s truth.

By: Elizabeth George
Harvest House Publishers

Best for ages 13-18

This is an amazing devotional for teen girls to encourage them in their relationship with Jesus. The message of the book is to acknowledge God in every decision of your life, and He will direct your path. Elizabeth George teaches teen girls how to walk closely with God and live for Him in every area of life, such as family, friends, education, purity, and service. The new edition has a section to write a heart response to the reading, and a practical section, “Things to do today,” to help teen girls apply what they are learning. While this devotional could be done individually, it would also make a great mother/daughter devotional to encourage a mentorship between girls and their moms.

By: Elizabeth George
Harvest House Publishers

Best for ages 13-18

This is a much-needed devotional for teen girls about making good choices in life based on God’s Word. It is written in a way that is easily relatable to typical teen girls. Some of the topics include spending time with God, choosing friends, choosing words carefully, dating, peer pressure, and turning your life around. This would be a great book for teen girls who need to choose the right path amidst temptations and negative influences surrounding them.

By: Claire Bennett

Best for Ages 14-16

This devotional is perfect for your teen daughter who wants encouragement in her relationship with God and walking out her faith as a teenager. Topics such as finding purpose, building Christian friendships, dating relationships, beauty, and deepening your connection with God will help your teen girls know how to navigate these often confusing teen years as a follower of Jesus.

Foundations: Old Testament/ Foundations: New Testament
By: Kandi Gallaty
LifeWay Publishing

Best for Ages 13-18

These Bible studies on the Old and New Testament are a great way for teen girls to go through the Bible and learn to apply verses to their own lives. The reading plans provide a chapter a day, 5 days a week, through the Old or New Testament in a year. Each day your daughter will highlight the verses that speak to her and then journal what the passage means, apply what God is saying through the verses, and respond to what she’s read. There is a section to learn more about the passage, and ends with a Bible Challenge, Question to answer, or prompt to Define a term from the passage.