The following Christian parenting websites have encouraged me and my family in growing our kids in faith, character, and a love for the Lord. I have not read every blog or tried every resource recommended on these websites, so I can not say I personally endorse or would follow the advise of everything written, but in general, I have found these websites really helpful on my journey to grow my kids for God’s kingdom.

Focus on the Family is one the most accepted and comprehensive Christian parenting websites available online.  You will find encouraging blogs on a variety of parenting topics, educational broadcasts, as well as a “Focus on Parenting” Podcast.  They also sell parenting books, children and teen magazines and books, and their famous Adventure in Odyssey audio dramas for kids that our family enjoys.

D6Family, standing for Deuteronomy 6, is a discipleship website for families and churches.  They provide family activities that build Biblical connections and encourage conversations about Christ. They also offer blogs on family discipleship, devotionals, and other material to help you in discipling your kids! contains parenting curriculums full of wisdom on raising happy, Christ- following kids focused on a life-giving message.  They offer free, online parenting classes and videos, as well as a book store with more great resources.  Great Biblical principles and parenting strategies are taught which equip parents who desire to raise respectful kids that love the Lord in actions and truth.

This parenting website helps equip moms to know how to help their kids think Biblically and critically in a society that often clashes with our Biblical faith.  You will find plenty of resources here from podcasts, blogs, and books, such as their famous Momma Bear Apologetics book that I have reviewed on my parenting books page.  With more and more kids leaving the faith, this is an important resource for parents today!

If you like, this is another great website providing related encouragement, resources, and printables.  Contact moms have been trained through Growing Families curriculums and are available to offer encouragement as well.  See for more on the programs offered.

Anther great website with practical parenting advice is Parenting Made Practical.  Joey and Carla Link teach parenting classes at different churches and provide great blogs with practical advice that’s easy to implement. They have great resources and podcasts on their website as well! Their temperament podcast series is one of my favorites!

The Character Corner is a great place to look if you are intent on building godly character in your children.  With great wisdom, character curriculum, and other resources, you will be sure to find this website helpful!

This blog by Jeff and Charmé Fletcher has some great wisdom and resources for parents AND grandparents! The Fletchers have a passion for passing their faith in Christ to the next generation.  They have created a great and thorough Spiritual Discipleship Plan to help families stay focused on what really matters in life. They also explain how to create a Family Legacy Day to pass down stories of faith from one generation to the next! 

Belinda encourages moms to be intentional, relational, and heart-focused in their parenting. She has such great wisdom and encouragement to share as a mom of grown kids, and great encouragement and tips for new homeschool moms as well!  

Bible Printable Packs/Lessons:  

The following websites may also contain great blogs and encouragement, but I placed them in the printable category because they contain great hands-on resources to use with your kids!

While this site is primarily for Sunday School teachers, I have found some amazing Bible lessons and devotionals for my own kids!  We have done lessons on the 10 Commandments and Psalm 23, and the site provides great craft and activity ideas to help the kids learn and memorize scripture.  There is a parenting tab that includes great lessons such as 59 Big Questions Kids Ask About God  and Modern Morals for Girls.  If you are intent on teaching your kids God’s Word in fun ways and equipping them as Christians, I highly recommend visiting her site! 

Amanda has some great Bible lessons for preschoolers and young elementary, including her famous Truth In The Tinsel advent devotional and A Sense of the Resurrection, which we have done in the past and thoroughly enjoyed when our kids were younger!  She also writes Family Discussion Guides and movie reviews for new releases to discuss positive and negative aspects of movies and what your kids can learn from them!

Tauna’s website, while primarily for homeschool moms, contains a wealth of wisdom and resources for all parents desiring encouragement in family discipleship (look under her family discipleship and character corner tabs.)  I love her links to book picks to build character and Bible printable packs. There are lots of fun ideas from her site to try with your kids whether you home school or want to use for the summer.

Movie/Media Review Websites:

The following movie review websites are so beneficial as a guide to help you determine if a movie or other media outlet would be a blessing to your children’s hearts and minds.  It’s kind of like reading the nutritional label on a box of cereal.  They help you know whether to let your kids eat it or if you should put it back on the shelf.  Plugged in Movie Reviews, created by Focus on the Family, is one of the most well-known movie review sites available for Christian parents.  They also review music, television, games, and other technology.  The site provides a summary of the movie with lots of details of content in each media, such as sex, violence, language, drugs, and other negative elements. The site also points out positive elements as well to help you know if the movie is right for your family.  This great and conservative movie review site also provides a summary of each movie, and a rating scale for sex, language, violence, drugs, nudity, faith, and integrity. I like that they include integrity, so you can see what elements can have a positive influence on kids.  The site shows you if each movie meets their Dove seal of approval for excellence in three different age groups: elementary, 12 + and adults.

VidAngel is an app that that lets you watch movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming services without the stuff you don’t want your kids to see or hear. You can set your own filters to skip or mute things like nudity, profanity, sexual content, and graphic violence. We have been using it for a while now with our family, and we love that we can watch shows that have an overall good message without all the questionable content that could have been left out.