“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

A neighborhood Bible Club is an organized Bible class taught to children in their own neighborhood.  There are countless families living all around us that never attend church, and their children have never heard the message of hope in Jesus.  Leading or participating in one of these clubs is a great way to be a “missionary” as a family without having to travel to another country. Children typically are very receptive to learning about God, and often their parents don’t mind if they attend Bible classes, even if they don’t attend church themselves.  Classes can be held in a yard, a home, a park, or a club house, and neighbor kids are invited to participate.  It can be set up in your own community or in a community with particular needs that you would also like to minister to.  Serving in a children’s ministry environment like this is a great way to involve your kids in service, because they can participate in the classes along side the other children and serve as an example.  As they grow older they can become more involved by serving or teaching the classes themselves.

Lighthouse Community Outreach (Five Oaks Ministry): Spring, TX

I have been blessed to be a part of starting a neighborhood community outreach that includes elementary and teen Bible clubs, reading support, summer programs, and other events to reach out to the community.  Our goal is to reach children, empower families, and transform communities through Christ.  We love serving here, and my kids love the friends they have made and have learned the value of telling others about God’s love.  I love that we are not just talking about how we should tell people about Jesus, but every Thursday night, we are actually doing so!  If you live in the Spring/Woodlands area of Texas and are interested in serving with us, or if you would like to discuss starting a Bible club in your area, feel free to contact me and I would love to share more information or help you on your journey!

Neighborhood KidZ Club: Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, North Carolina

If you are interested in serving in a backyard Bible Club or after school tutoring, Peggy Norwood’s ministry, Neighborhood KidZ Club is a great organization to get involved with.  Her ministry has several locations around Houston, one in the Dallas area, and one in North Carolina, and it continues to grow.  She has a very organized, well-run program and resources available to help others start their own backyard Bible clubs.  She has been a mentor and support to our Five Oaks Ministry, and our team loves her heart to reach children around the world with the gospel!

City Church Outreach Ministry: Amarillo, TX

If you live near the Amarillo area of Texas or would like to travel there for a family mission trip, there are plenty of ways for your family to get involved in serving.  City Church reaches out to children in neighborhoods all around their community and buses them in for Bible classes and summer camps.  In addition, they have 6 major outreaches each year.

Child Evangelism Fellowship: National Organization

This is one of the world’s largest organizations for evangelical outreach to children, and they set up backyard Bible clubs in communities all around the world. They have a locator link on their website where you can type in your zip code and find a branch near you. They also offer trainings for kids to learn how to share the gospel and lead a Bible club. Although I have never personally worked with them, I have used some of their amazing materials, and I know they are a very reputable organization.