Resources are powerful tools to encourage our children to grow deeper in their faith and mature in their character. I have found this to be true with my own children, and I hope that you find this to be true as well!  Here is a list of resources that I hope you will find helpful. I pray that these will be great tools to bring God’s Word and truths into your home as you create an environment of knowing, loving, and following the Lord with your children.

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The following reviews are based solely on my opinion from having read through the content and gathered feedback from other like-minded moms.  Some of the age ranges were taken from the author’s description, while others are my own opinions based on the vocabulary level, amount of words used in the text, and observations from having using them with children.  Be sure to check back for more great resources to come!

By: Sunny Kang
Part of Baby Seminary Series

Best for Ages 2-6

This sweet book introduces young children to characters from the Bible from A to Z. With engaging illustrations and a short summary of each character, your little one will learn how God helped and used people who walked in faith. This book will help build a foundation of Bible knowledge in your child at a young age. Sunny’s other books include ABCs of Prayer and ABCs of How God Made Me

By: Emily Hunter
Harvest House Publishers

Best for ages 2-6

I loved reading nursery rhyme books to my children when they were young, and this book would have been the perfect one to read together before nap time, if i only I had known! With precious poems from the most popular children’s Bibles stories, along with rhymes and prayers, this is a great book to introduce young children to God’s Word.

By: Emily Hunter
Harvest House Publishers

Best for ages 3-7

This delightful book of stories and poems teaches children 15 common virtues such as honesty, compassion, friendship, and honoring parents. The illustrations are sweet and timeless, and it’s definitely a book to keep and pass down to the next generation.

By: Lisa Town Bergren
WaterBrook Press

Best for ages 3-5

This sweet book in the well-known polar bear series teaches little ones that they are loved and wanted by God and their parents. The momma polar bear explains to Little Cub how he is so special and tells the story of how she asked God to give her a baby. She then recounts her pregnancy and the birth of Little Cub. The momma affirms how thankful they are to have Little Cub because he is a gift from God. This is an essential truth to engrain in your children at a young age that they were wanted, created, and loved very much!

By: Max Lucado
Tony Nelson Publishing

Best for ages 3-7

This book is about a dad who shares with his little girl how much he loves her and will always be there for her. The message speaks right to a child’s need for security promising a daddy’s unconditional love, protection, and eternal home with God one day. This is one of my daughter’s favorites to read with her daddy, and she still asks to read it with him at age eight!

By: Lynn Hodges and Sue Buchanan

Best for ages 2-4

This children’s book comes in a paperback or board book and helps children understand God’s love through the love of a mother bear and her cub.

By: Amy Parker
B&H Kids

Best for ages 2-6

This a precious board book about a little hedgehog who asks his mom questions about how big God’s love is. Children also learn the important truth that God’s love grows every time you give it away!

By: P.K. Hallinan
Ideals Children’s Books

Best for ages 3-6

This book is about a little boy who understands Jesus’ love for him by looking at all the wonderful things He created in the world to enjoy.

By: Lisa Bergren

Best for ages 3-7

This is from the famous God Gave Us… polar bear series and comes in a board book or hardback. In it the little polar bear learns from his grandpa how much God loves us and how God wants us to love others.

By: Stacy Archer
Lucid Books

Best for ages 3-7

Even Then, who happens to be written by a friend of mine, is a sweet paper-back book that we own, and my kids love! Its about a little boy who asks his best friend if she would still love him even if crazy things happen to him that could change him or their relationship. His friend reassures him that she will love him no matter what, just like God’s unconditional love for us.

By: Dandi Daley Mackall

Best for ages 3-7

This is an adorable hard cover rhyming book about a boy who travels to different places and discovers God’s love is higher, longer, deeper… than anything in the world he can find.

By: Max Lucado

Best for ages 4-7

This is a hard cover book that takes a look at the massive world through the eyes of a little boy as he learns from His parents about the greatness of God’s love from the ocean, mountains, and stars in the sky. I have never read a Max Lucado book I didn’t like, and this one is definitely a keeper.

By: Lucy Reed
Covenant Books

Best for ages 3-5

Gypsy and the Summer Storm is a sweet book about a farm dog named Gypsy who is scared of thunderstorms and how her family would comfort her. This story will help little ones understand the all-important message that God will take care of them when they are afraid.

By: Sydney Coffey
West Island Publishing

Best for ages 2-5

Moshe’s Big Day is a precious story about a sheep that wanders into some scary situations but ultimately learns to trust His shepherd’s voice to find his way back to safety. Scriptures and story connections are provided in the back of the book for a great way to go deeper with your children about trusting God!