Resources are powerful tools to encourage our children to grow deeper in their faith and mature in their character. I have found this to be true with my own children, and I hope that you find this to be true as well!  Here is a list of resources that I hope you will find helpful. I pray that these will be great tools to bring God’s Word and truths into your home as you create an environment of knowing, loving, and following the Lord with your children.

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The following reviews are based solely on my opinion from having read through the content and gathered feedback from other like-minded moms.  Some of the age ranges were taken from the author’s description, while others are my own opinions based on the vocabulary level, amount of words used in the text, and observations from having using them with children.  Be sure to check back for more great resources to come!

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The baby swaddle-type blanket is both sentimental and practical, and a way to “literally” wrap the new baby in God’s truth.

There is something about lullabies that are so peaceful, and what a perfect way for babies to fall asleep to truths of God’s love and faithfulness being sung over them each night. Here are two options that are rated highly on amazon and are sure to be a great gift for both mom and baby.