Asking spiritual questions to our kids is something we don’t often think about, yet it is SO important for our children’s spiritual development.  Discussing spiritual matters allows our kids to connect Jesus into their every day world and encourage them to put God first in their lives.  It also helps them feel comfortable asking questions and talking about Him!

Here are some great question starters to get your kids thinking and talking about the Jesus.

Keep the list at the dinner table or in the car, or cut them out and put them in a bag.  Each day choose a question and take turns answering them!  I bet you will learn a lot about your kids and where they are at spiritually! 

Question starters to get your kids thinking about Jesus

If you could travel back to Bible times, what story would you want to see?

If Jesus came to to spend the day with you, what would you choose to do with Him?

Which fruit of the Spirit is easiest for you to practice and why?

Which fruit of the Spirit is hardest for you to practice and why?

What friend or family member do you hope believes in Jesus one day?

What is your favorite way to worship God?

What is your favorite Bible story?

If you could ask Jesus any question, what would that be?

When you get to Heaven and see Jesus, how will you greet Him?

What is your favorite Christian song and why?

Who are you most looking forward to meeting or seeing again in Heaven?

If someone asked you how to get to Heaven, what would you say?

What miracle would you like to see Jesus do?

What is your favorite thing about Jesus?

What do you think Jesus thinks about you?

What is your favorite gift or talent and how can you use it to bring God glory?

What is your biggest prayer request right now?

What is a struggle for you and how do you need God’s help?

What is something you can do to share the love of Jesus with someone?

What is your favorite way to spend time with God and learn about Him?

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