Some of my favorite Christian chapter books for kids (and for myself) are allegories.  There is something special about a good allegorical story with a hidden message that not only draws the reader into the adventure, but also teaches Biblical truths in powerful ways.  Jesus used parables (similar to allegories) as one of His primary ways of teaching, and look at the impact the stories have made on so many!  I don’t think I would appreciate Jesus’ heart for “the lost” if it weren’t for the story of The Lost Sheep, or God’s overwhelming forgiveness if it weren’t for The Prodigal Son, or even our call to truly serve others without hearing the story of The Good Samaritan. These stories help us understand and connect on an emotional level with the heart of God.  Similarly, there are also many great chapter books written as allegories to help our children understand God and His ways. Since the messages are often indirect, I highly recommend reading allegory books aloud with younger kids, discussing the messages, and going deeper with application questions.  Here are 7 great allegory books to get your kids reading this summer!

Christian Allegory Books

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Blotch: A Tale of Forgiveness and Grace
By: Andy Addis
B&H Publishing Group

Read aloud: 5-10
Read to self: 7-10

This is a short allegorical story about a boy named Blotch and a kingdom of characters with blotches all over their bodies from their many wrong-doings.  Blotch goes on a mission to find out how to get rid of their blotches and on the way meets different villages that hide their spots, pretend they aren’t there, and blame others for them.  Finally he meets the king who could finally take his stains away once and for all.  A family discussion guide is included for each chapter to go deeper in teaching your children the truths of the gospel.

Hind’s Feet on High Places: Children’s Edition
By: Hannah Hurnard, adapted by Dian Layton for children
Destiny Image Publishers Inc.

Read aloud: 5-13
Read to self: 7-13

This has been one off my favorite Christian allegories to read with my family, because it ministered to my heart so much, and my children loved it too!  The story is about a girl named Much Afraid who left her fearing relatives to meet the Shepherd in the High Places where “perfect love casts out fear.” This story teaches great spiritual truths about God’s perfect love for us and how He uses trials and suffering to teach us to surrender our lives and be completely dependent on Him

Little Pilgrim’s Progress: From John Bunyan’s Classic
By: John Bunyan, adapted by Helen L Taylor for children
Moody Publishers

Read aloud: 6-13
Read to self: 7-14

This classic allegory was adapted for children and is filled with wonderful truths about the Christian life.  The characters are amusing and help children recognize sin as they try to get little Christian off the oftentimes rocky but straight path towards the king.  Children will be encouraged to recognize temptations in their own life and remain unresolved to walk down God’s perfect path with His help..a path that leads to righteousness, peace and ultimately the loving arms of their Savior.  We read the audio version while driving, and my kids never wanted to stop driving!

Terrestria Chronicles — The Sword, the Ring, and the Parchment
By: Ed Dunlop
Sword of the Lord Publications

Read Aloud: 7-12
Read to Self: 8-14

After hearing great things about this series from my sister-in-law, we bought the first book for my son for Christmas, and he loved it!  This allegorical tale shares the story of a servant of an evil blacksmith who was saved by one of the king’s servants and given a mission by the king.  Along his journey, he learns through his mistakes the true value of his sword and receives unconditional love and forgiveness.  This action-packed series will leave your kids wanting more while gleaning God’s truth at the same time!

Tales of the Kingdom
By: David and Karen Mains
My Father’s World

Read Aloud: 7-12
Read to Self: 8-14

We have been reading these allegorical tales on the way to school each morning, and my kids and I have all thoroughly enjoyed them!  The stories center around an evil kingdom and a good kingdom and the King’s quest to bring people out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light.  Each chapter teaches a Biblical truth about following God and learning one’s true identity, and it provides thought-provoking questions to go deeper!  Great summer read-aloud!

The Prince Warriors
By: Priscilla Shirer
B&H Kids

Read aloud: 8-13
Read to self: 8-18

The Warrior Series is about a group of boys who enter a mysterious land where they are led by a guide who helps them travel through unfamiliar territories, save other warriors, and battle evil creatures. With each battle, the warriors learn how to better use their armor and trust their guide’s instructions from “The Book” to stand against their enemies. This book is a great allegory to help children and teens understand the spiritual battle around us and our need for God’s wisdom from His Word to stand firm against our enemy.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia)
By: C.S. Lewis
Harper Collins

Read aloud: 5-13
Read to self: 8-18

The chronicles of Narnia (The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe) is about siblings who are escaping the war and moving in with a professor in England. They play hide and seek and discover a wardrobe that leads them to Narnia. There they meet fauns, beavers, a white witch, and other characters who explain the trouble happening in Narnia, and finally Aslan, the lion who will save them for the terrible witch. This is a story of redemption and beautifully paints the picture of God’s great love for his children who do not deserve it but choose to trust in Him.

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