I am pleased to introduce you to Lucy Reed, first-time author of the children’s book, Gypsy and the Summer Storm. Lucy’s sweet book about a farm dog named Gypsy will help little ones understand that God will take care of them when they are afraid.  

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Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into writing children’s books? 

In my younger years I was a stay at home mom for our son David and daughter Esther.  Books played an important role in my own upbringing, and I cherished the lessons I could teach my own children through the stories we read. We raised our family in Michigan on a twenty acre farm.  Country living provided a constant lesson book as we navigated through the homeschooling years. I taught Bible class in church and often used stories as a way of learning our lessons.  Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I knew that someday I would write a children’s book.

What inspired you to write the book, Gypsy and the Summer Storm? 

My husband is a very practical and mechanically inclined person, and he has the right tool for most jobs.  I’ve been known to use a butter knife when a screw driver can’t be found, needless to say I don’t have the best of results.  I believe we need a toolbox for life, some of our toolboxes are well stocked and some just have a butter knife.  My goal in writing for children is to give them tools that they can use as they walk through life. Gypsy was a rescue doggie we adopted when our children were young.  Gypsy had three legs which she assumed was the number of legs every dog has.  She was playful, loving, and loyal, and she taught us many lessons.  One of those lessons was on fear.  She was terrified of storms, and there was precious little we could do to comfort her.  It was on one such occasion that I felt God tell me that I was very much like Gypsy when scary things happened in my own life. He was always ready to help and comfort, and many times I failed to enter into His rest.  I knew writing this book would be a life tool I could share with little ones.

Share with us a little about the process of writing the book and how you found an illustrator.

Two momentous things happened in my life; we became empty nesters and grandparents.  My husband and I had spent our lives running our business and raising our children, and now we had moved to take a position in Long Island, NY, and I suddenly had time to write.  My husband David had met Megan Duff at church; she is the daughter-in-law to some dear friends of ours.  Megan is exactly the right person to illustrate my books.  Megan has a loving and kind heart, and we connected immediately on the direction we wanted to take.  She made the story come to life, and I believe it was a divine appointment for us to work together.  I contacted Covenant Books to be the publisher, and we all got to work.

What do you want children to glean from this book?  

The lesson is simple; I want them to know that when they are afraid, they can trust in God.

 What is the ideal age group for your book? 

I wrote the book for preschoolers but have been thrilled to see it touch older children as well as adults.

Do you have any other books you are working on or planning to write after this one?  

Yes, we want to do a four-book Gypsy series on friendship, adoption and physical disabilities.

Where can our readers find Gypsy and the Summer Storm to purchase? 

The book is available here on Amazon.

You can learn more about Gypsy and the Summer Storm by watching this video.

Thank you, Lucy, for sharing more with us about your sweet picture book for preschoolers!  Struggles with fear can be a common problem for young children, and I believe God will use your book to comfort many through your illustration of a little farm dog afraid of storms.