Each month at Growing Kids for the Kingdom, we highlight a family that shares God’s love with their kids, as Jesus did with His disciples.  These stories are very inspiring and encouraging, giving us ideas of how we can make a difference for God’s kingdom with our family!          Food Pantry Kids Bible Club

This month I am highlighting the Brown family.  Amy Brown has a special story of how God gave her a vision to do something special that no one had ever thought of at her church to reach children with the gospel.  The idea is so amazing, that I believe it needs to be replicated at other churches with food and/or clothing pantries.  I am excited to share her ministry and how she serves with her kids in hopes that others, too, will follow suit, and try something similar at their church!

GKFTK: What do you do with your kids to serve God together?

Amy: Every summer for the past four years, I have worked with my children alongside a few other moms and their children to run a children’s program for the families coming to my church for the weekly food and clothing pantry.

GKFTK: How did you begin this ministry? 

Amy: I was attending a Bible study at my church, and every week when I left, I walked by the food and Food Pantry Kid's Bible Clubclothing pantry where I saw families with young children running around playing while waiting for their time to “shop.”  I felt that we should be able to do more for these kids than just clothe and feed them.  I knew the Lord was leading me to serve Him in this way, but I didn’t know what it would look like.  I asked the ladies in my Bible study to pray about joining me to create a kids’ club where we could share Jesus with them.  The kids were already coming with their families, and the parents were wanting something to entertain their kids while they waited.  God had made the plans, and I just needed to step out in faith and walk in it!

GKFTK: How is serving at your food pantry kids club fun for you kids? 

Amy: My kids like serving with their friends. They enjoy seeing the food pantry kids get excited about the songs and Bible stories, but serving is not all fun for them.  It is hard work!  Serving at Kids’ Club has stretched me and my kids to be less selfish, and it is never comfortable to have God point out your pride.  The Lord has patiently taught me and my kids so much about Him and how He see us through serving together.

GKFTK: What are your kids learning from this experience? Food Pantry Kids Bible Club

Amy: My kids are learning to step out and be uncomfortable, work hard in moments when they would rather play, put other’s needs above their own, and to be obedient to the Lord.

GKFTK: How has your family made an impact on others for Jesus by serving in this way?

Amy: This I will not know maybe until heaven.  We have lead a couple of kids to Christ (Praise God!), and we have faithfully shared the good news about Jesus Christ dying for our sins at every Kids’ Club.

GKFTK: Any other benefits from serving with your kids?

Amy: Serving together has brought up many important teaching moments with my kids that I otherwise would not have had.  My kids also have become more curious and understanding of kids from different backgrounds.Food Pantry Kids Bible Club

GKFTK: That’s great Amy!  I definitely agree that serving with children is not always fun or even easy at times. It can be hard work and really builds their character, and ours!  I love what you are doing and how you are not only training your own kids in sharing God’s love with others, but also planting seeds of faith to impact children for eternity in a creative, important way!

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