I hope you enjoy this two part devotional on how to teach your kids to have a content heart designed for ages 4-8. Read the italic section or paraphrase with your children to fit their age level. Click here  for a printer friendly version.   -Taylor

Content Heart Week One:

Introduction:  Of all the people in the world, Jesus has the most beautiful heart.   He shows how beautiful His heart is by His character traits.  He is very loving and forgiving.  Can you think of some other character traits that Jesus shows?  [kind, responsible, helpful] We want to be like Jesus and have a beautiful heart too!

Define Content:  Today we are going to learn one of His character traits.  Jesus is content!  Content means we are happy and thankful for what we have. We don’t want things that God doesn’t want us to have. 

Give Examples: Can you think of a time when you wanted something different than what you had Contentment devotional for kidsbeen given?  Maybe a different meal to eat, toy to play with, or even place to live?  Have you ever wanted something that someone else had and couldn’t have it?  Maybe you wanted it so badly that you just got angry inside and were not thankful for what you did have. Can you think of a time when you were happy with what you had?  That is being content! 

Learn from Jesus:  Let’s read in the Bible how Jesus has a content heart, so we can learn from Him how to be content!

 Read Matthew 8: 19-20: Jesus Has No Place To Live 

“Then a teacher of the law came to him and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (NIV)

Questions to Consider:

Did Jesus have a home?

Did Jesus complain about not having a home or other things like a bed and nice clothes

Why do you think Jesus was content to have very little?

Summary: Jesus was content to come down to earth and be born in a manger.  He lived a very humble life and did not have many things except for the clothes on his back.  He did not want things but only wanted to please God and do His will. The reason He was able to be so content was because He loved God so much more than things.

Prayer: Let’s pray together and thank Jesus for showing us how to have a content heart.

Dear Jesus, thank you that you had such a content heart.  You cared more about pleasing God and loving people than having lots of things.  Please help us learn to be content like you. Amen.

Content Heart: Week Two

Let’s Review: We are learning about Jesus’ beautiful heart and how He was content on earth.  What does it mean to be content?  Do you think God wants us to be content with what we have?

Learn from the Bible: Let’s read Psalm 23:1 to see what the Bible says about being content.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1. (NIV)

According to the verse, why should we “not want” lots of things?

What does it mean that the Lord is our shepherd?

Bringing It Home: I am going to give you some scenarios, and let’s decide how you can be content in each situation.

You are at the store and see a new toy that you really want. You know your mom usually only gets you things for your birthday.  How can you be content?

Your mom cooks fish and green beans for dinner, and it’s not your favorite. You were really hoping for taco night. How can you be content? 

Your cousin gets to go on vacation to Disney World, but your family is not going on vacation this year.  You really wish you could go too.  How can you be content? 

It’s Christmas, and your parents give you a new toy that you are not that excited about.  You really wanted a different toy, but they didn’t get it for you.  How can you be content? 

Let’s Practice:

  • Click here for a video to help you practice being content at dinner time.
  • When shopping teach your children to say, “I like____” rather than “I want_______”.
  • When eating a meal,  remind your children  to say “thank you” or , “I don’t care for that, but I will eat it anyway.”
  • Memorize Psalm 23:1.  Click here for a link with a tune. When we memorize God’s Word, it helps us remember to follow His ways! 

Prayer:  Let’s pray together and ask Jesus to help us have a content heart. 

Dear Jesus, thank you that you showed us what it means to be content by the way you lived.  Help us to be content and thankful for what you have given us.  Amen.

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