Easter is around the corner, and it is one of children’s favorite holidays- mostly for one reason alone- CANDY!  What kid doesn’t love to wake up to a basket-full of candy or do an egg hunt and see how much candy he or she received!

While I am not against candy, and certainly won’t judge anyone who does traditional Easter egg baskets, I strive to make Easter all about Jesus so that my kids learn to love HIM with all their heart and be excited about HIM more than anything else- even chocolate bunnies!

Since children are naturally excited about candy- we have tried to find ways to keep this Easter basket tradition more low key and hype up Jesus as the most important reason for Easter.

Christian Easter Basket Ideas

I ran across a blog by Oh Amanda- a wonderful blog for Christian moms several years ago. Amanda has a great post about “un-Easter baskets” with wonderful ideas to lead your kids closer to Jesus through what you put in their basket- which is great for younger kids. She also has a blog entitled “Easy Scripture Ideas for Meaningful Easter Baskets,” where she attaches scripture related to each gift item.

I became inspired after reading her blogs and decided to do the scripture idea to go with each gift, along with finding gifts that would grow my kids in their faith.

Click here to find some of the Christian resources I used for my kids’ Easter baskets through the years  under the elementary resources tab. They are older now and have still found some great options!  Whatever your traditions are, I hope these resources will inspire you to think of creative ways to use Easter baskets to lead your kids closer to Jesus.