Recently we had the opportunity to take a family vacation with some friends on a cruise to the Bahamas! We had such a wonderful time with our family and friends and enjoyed God’s beautiful creation all around us.   There was only one thing missing… we wished we had a family vacation devotional to do with our kids over the trip to encourage us to keep our hearts more focused on the Lord and His ways! 

I wanted a resource to help bring our focus back to our amazing CREATOR, encourage us to be more like Jesus in how we act, and motivate us to share His love with others.  

Vacations give us such a great opportunity to put the Lord first by thanking Him for the opportunity to travel and praising Him for His beautiful creation.  It’s also good to remind ourselves and our kids that we LOVE GOD even MORE than the fun things we get to do on vacation!

Family trips can lead to selfish, discontent hearts in our children if we are not careful.  With many destinations, there is so much emphasis on fun and entertainment, that our children can easily start becoming selfish and discontent when things don’t go as planned.  What a GREAT TIME to remind our children to be content with changes of plans and teach a heart of humility and appreciation for God’s blessings!    

And finally, vacations present an amazing opportunity to be a light for Jesus! We have an opportunity to get to know  people we may never see again.  If we go on our trip with the mindset to be a light and get to know those we meet, such as waiters, housekeepers, and receptionists, we can be praying as a family about how we can bless others and share the hope of Jesus with them!

To encompass these themes, I have created this devotional for your family:  Keeping God First While On Vacation: A Family Vacation Devotional! It’s easy to use, and thanks to my graphic design friend, Kellie with The Limey Group, it’s pretty too!  All proceeds will go towards our mission at Growing Kingdom Hearts to bring curriculum to children who need it around the world!  To get your copy, click here!