A Prayer to Help Mom's Show God's Perfect Love

Some of my favorite verses to pray both for my relationship with my husband and with my kids are from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, where God defines true love.  The words God uses to define love through Paul’s writings are so deep and really cut to the heart.  I often realize ways I am not truly “loving” my family when I read through the verses and apply them to my world.  One day I was inspired to write down a specific prayer to pray over myself to help me be a more loving Mom.  I have used this prayer over and over in my times with God, and it’s always a good reminder to get my heart in the right place before I go about my day with my kids.  I hope you will find the same thing as well!

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A Mother’s Prayer of Love

Inspired from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7  (NIV)

Lord, please help me not to show my frustration when my kids do things that get on my nerves, but help me to be patient with them, letting go of my anger and showing them Your unconditional love.

Help the words I choose and the tone I use be kind  throughout the day.  May I smile at them, enjoy them greatly, and give them plenty of affection and approval each day.

Please keep me from envy when I see other kids’ talents or behaviors and am tempted to compare them to my kids.

And may I not boast or be full of pride in myself or my kids when they do good things, but may I always boast in YOU, Lord, and how YOU are growing, gifting, and maturing them.

May I not dishonor my children by shaming them or being rude to them, but help me treat them with respect, the way I would want to be treated.

Help me be less self-seeking in my motives to parent my kids, but to raise them up for YOUR glory, not my own need for approval from others.

And please help me to not get easily angered when my children do something for the umpteenth time I have told them not to do, but help me to be intentional to discipline and train them with love and consistency.

Erase from my memory how my children have messed up in the past, so that I do not keep records of wrong by continuing to bring up past failures or talk negatively about them with my friends, when YOU have forgiven and forgotten them on the cross.

Please help me not to get satisfaction out of yelling or unfairly punishing my kids because I think they deserve it for the way they treated me, as that would be delighting in evil, but may I discipline them in love and treat them with respect.

Help me to rejoice in the truth that YOU have given me these precious children to love and train up, as it is my greatest privilege to raise them up to know and love YOU.

Give me wisdom to protect them from the evil in our world, trust YOU with them and not worry, hope in YOUR perfect plan for them, and persevere in my parenting with them.

Thank YOU that with YOUR SPIRIT to guide me, I can have a love that never fails for my children.



Click here for a printer friendly version.