I enjoy hearing creative ways that other families disciple their kids to love Jesus and follow in His ways.  Although each family is unique, we can all glean ideas and wisdom from each other, so I thought it would be beneficial to hear from some families as to what Biblical resources and approaches they have found effective in encouraging their children in Christ-like ways.

The first family I have interviewed is the Pearce family.  The mom, Caroline, has been my best friend since high school, and I am blessed that our families continue to be close friends to this day. I always admire the way she and her husband prioritize their family and intentionally disciple their kids to know and follow the Lord. Caroline has found some great resources that have helped her and her husband to raise very respectful children who love the Lord and others, and I am delighted to share her experiences with you.

GKFTK: Caroline, tell me a little bit about your family.

Pearce Family: I am married to Darren and we have three children. Evan is eight, Reid is six, and Lacey is two. We enjoy being together, playing board games and cards, singing together, and traveling.

GKFTK: How do you encourage your kids to know and love the Lord? 

Pearce Family: I read age-appropriate books to them about God, we read the Bible together, I pick parables and teach them what they mean, we pray together, and we use the word of God as examples of how we speak to one another and how we choose the virtuous words we use when we communicate with each other.  One idea I have enjoyed is teaching my kids to spend quiet time reading their Bibles.  I will set a timer, and we will all go off to our own area and read our Bibles.  Then when the timer goes off, we come back together and share what we have learned using little people toys and figurines.  We also enjoy learning new Hymns together and singing them as a family.

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GKFTK: What resources have you found helpful in this area? 

Pearce Family: 


Berenstain Bears Story Book Bible
by Jan and Mark Berenstain

Everything a Child Should Know About God
by Kenneth Taylor

The Prayer that Makes God Smile
by Stormie Omartian

Bible Time Nursery Rhyme Book
by Emily Hunter




GKFTK: How do you train your children in Godly character?

Pearce Family: We teach first time obedience (practical application found in the Mom’s Notes presentations at parentingmadepractical.com), which has helped our children have teachable hearts to learn self-control, listening skills, and awareness of others. That opens so many doors for teaching them God’s Word and Godly character. We work daily to speak words of life to one another and build one another up with our words and actions as well as asking forgiveness and going through the repentance, forgiveness, and restoration process with one another when a situation calls for it. We talk about the preciousness of others and try to model and encourage that in our home each day. One example of treating others with respect is teaching them a way to get our attention without interrupting when we are talking to adults.  We have taught them to touch our arm rather than yell our names. 

GKFTK: What resources have you found helpful in character building?

Pearce Family:


Big Thoughts for Little People
by Kenneth Taylor 

A Child’s First Book of Virtues
by Emily Hunter

Little Lips Shall Praise Thee
by Emily Hunter



Growingfamilies.life (Tree of Life Series)


GKFTK: How do you encourage your kids to share God’s love with others?

Pearce Family: My sons attends AWANA where they are given activities in their workbook that encourage Bible verse memorization and missions, such as  “tell someone this week John 3:16 and what it means,” and other similar assignments. We have also started visiting Mercy House in Magnolia, Tx, where I share how they can have an impact on the poor women and children in Africa by serving there.

GKFTK: What resources have you found helpful to encourage a missional heart?

Pearce Family:

AWANA Clubs: Bible clubs that encourage Bible verses memorization and application

Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith: missionary series inspiring a missional worldview we find on Pureflix

Mercy House:  ministry located in Magnolia, Texas that allows families, including children, to count or package items to be sold to help women and children in Africa

GKFTK:  Those are some great ideas and resources to encourage your kids to love and follow the Lord!  Thank you, Caroline, for sharing them with us, and I know they will be a huge benefit to other families, just as they have been for yours!