Rooted in Love: A Mother & Daughter Devotional for Building a Strong Foundation

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Best for ages 10-15

The goal of this eight-week Mother/Daughter Devotional is to encourage moms and their pre-teen daughters to have a solid foundation in their relationship before their girls enter their mid-to-late teen years. Girls go through so much change once they hit puberty, and often this causes a drift in the relationship between mother and daughter when girls actually need their moms the most. Through topics on celebrating differences, loving each other, communicating effectively, and growing spiritually, you will be given opportunities to build a solid, healthy mother/daughter relationship that will grow and flourish as your daughter becomes a young lady.

To use this devotional, follow the sequence of the devotionals with your daughter, reading one per week together, answering the questions, and praying and reflecting on what you learned. Then focus on the application tip throughout the week to put what you learned into practice. Extra resources are provided in the “Going Deeper” section of each devotional for you to grow further in knowledge and practice of each topic.

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1 review for Rooted in Love: A Mother & Daughter Devotional for Building a Strong Foundation

  1. Nicole

    I am doing this devotional with my 15 year old daughter. She has expressed that she is enjoying the intentional one on one time with her. We have done the devotional over lunch, a sweet treat or at a coffee shop and it has been a neat way to connect. Having the devotional makes the time more Christ focused and gives us a topic to discuss each week. The different quizzes/activities have been fun and helpful in learning about each other as well.

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