The Hill Family Highlight 

Each month at Growing Kids for the Kingdom, we are highlighting a family that teaches their children ways to share God’s love with others by serving together as a family.  I hope this will be both inspiring and encouraging; providing ideas of how we can be intentional to serve with our children and raise the next generation to be intentional about sharing the love of Jesus!

The Hill family has a huge heart for missions and reaching out to others in need, which is apparent in the kind of birthday party their daughter decided to have this year!  My daughter and I had the privilege of attending, and we were so touched by how they made their daughter’s special day not just about her, but also about helping those in need.  I asked her mom a few questions to find out more about this birthday service project.

GKFTK:  What did you do with your kids to serve God together? 

Hill Family: For my daughter’s 8th birthday, she decided to have a bracelet making party to support Coreluv, a children’s home in Haiti that our girls have been learning about at school.  We set up different stations around the house for the kids to make bracelets.  The children attending the party were shown a video about Coreluv, so they would know why we were working on this project.  They were allowed to keep what bracelets they wanted and donate the rest to be sold for Coreluv.  The generosity of the kids was so sweet to watch, as they donated bracelet after bracelet.  We ended up with a huge pile of bracelets to sell.  Over the next several weeks, my girls sold the bracelets for $1 at church, school, and even through Facebook!  To date, they have raised $324.52!



GKFTK:  How have your kids made an impact on others for Jesus by serving in this way?

Hill Family: I hope it made an impact on the parents and children that attended the party.  I pray they are inspired to find ways to use their resources and time to serve and love others.

GKFTK: How was serving in this way fun for your kids and the other children who attended?

Hill Family: The kids had a blast making the bracelets.  We had fancy bracelets, plastic bead bracelets, and braid-celets (strips of old t-shirts braided together).  I really thought most of the kids would just make one and be bored, but the kids kept on making more and more.  We even had several parents jump in and make bracelets.

 GKFTK: What do you hope your children and the other children at the party learned from this experience?

Hill Family: I hope the children learned that even though they cannot go overseas at age 8, they can still do things to show people on the other side of the world how much we love them, because Jesus loves us all.  I also hope they learned that giving to others is fulfilling, even if we never see the results with our own eyes in this lifetime

GKFTK: Are there any other benefits you have found from serving with your kids?

Hill Family: I know it sounds selfish, but it makes me so happy.  There is no greater joy to be had than seeing my own children choosing to serve and give.

What a great way to involve your children in sharing
God’s love at a birthday party!  To find out more about Coreluv, click here.