Good character is not something that just sprouts out of our lovely children on its own, although that would be really nice if it did!  On the contrary it must be modeled, taught, reinforced, and encouraged. Because life gets so busy with activities and school, we often forget to focus on the process of training character within our children.  Yet, if we train our children to have the character of Jesus, people around us will notice something different and will be drawn to our family.  How many children do you really see today that are truly respectful to adults, think of others before themselves, and go out of their way to bless other people?  The ones I know have parents that make a point to train their children in Godly character!  Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight, as our children are naturally drawn to selfishness and sin, but if we work to counteract their sinful nature by training them in the ways of the Lord, God will begin making them more and more like Christ. And when they are more like Jesus, they will stand out, people will notice, and God is going to get the glory!

In order to encourage intentional character training, each month I will share a devotional to teach a specific character trait to pre-k through elementary aged children.  To go along with Valentine’s Day, I thought a great place to start would be the character trait of love, which is arguably the most important.  So click on the Devotional of the Month: Loving Heart to teach children how to be full of God’s love. If you have not read my blog, 5 Ways to Train Godly Character, I would recommend reading this for more great ideas on training character in general.

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