I have always dreamed of taking a family short-term mission trip one day.  Family vacations are so great, but getting to serve others, be a part of the great commission, and experience another country and culture as a family would be an unforgettable experience!   While we have yet to do this with our children, I wanted to find a family that has for my next family highlight (highlighting a family that shares God’s love with others in a special way).  I was introduced to the Jordan family of Houston who went on a family mission trip this year.    The Jordans have an eleven year old and eight year old daughter and a one year old son.   This past spring break they had the opportunity to go on an amazing short-term mission trip to France, and I had the opportunity to ask them some questions about their experience!

GKFTK: What did you do with your kids to serve together on a family short-term mission trip? 

The Jordans: Our family traveled to Paris, France.  We worked with some friends doing table distribution of tracts, Bibles, and other gospel centered literature.  We shared the gospel at major metro stations and interceptions in the city.  We also talked with refugees from many countries. We were able to have many gospel conversations. The men were mostly Muslims but were open to hearing the gospel.

GKFTK: How have your kids made an impact on others for Jesus by serving in this way? 

The Jordans: Our children passed out tracts and shared the gospel.  Their eyes and hearts were opened to the lostness of the world, the desperate need for salvation, and for workers to go and share the gospel with all nations.

GKFTK: How was serving in this way fun for your kids and the whole family?

The Jordans: The children enjoyed visiting a new country.  They played with children and learned many things about other cultures.   Our family grew closer as we served together.

GKFTK: What do you hope your children learned from this experience?

The Jordans: We hope our children see the need the world has for a Savior and that they continue to share the gospel with the lost.  We pray that Christ would give them a heart for missions and the lost. We pray that God gives them boldness to go and share the gospel in their school, city, and around the world.

GKFTK: Any other benefits you have found from serving with your kids on short-term mission trips?

The Jordans:
An overseas mission trip allowed our children to see that not everyone lives like we do.  They do not have the same luxuries that we do in America.  They have a love for people and an interest in other cultures.   They want to understand what others believe, so they might find a way to reach them for the gospel.

GKFTK:  What a great way to involve your kids in sharing God’s love with others in such a tangible way!  I love how you desire for your children to see sharing the gospel not as just a “mission trip” experience, but also as a lifestyle of sharing God’s love with those in their sphere of influence!  Thank you for sharing your experience with us!  I hope your story inspires many parents to pray about doing a family short-term mission trip with their children in the future!