The Jaimez Family Highlight

Each month at Growing Kids for the Kingdom, we are highlighting a family that follows Jesus’ example to teach their children how to share God’s love with others by serving with them, as Jesus did with His disciples.  I hope this will be both inspiring and encouraging; giving us ideas how we can be intentional about serving with our children to raise a generation that is intentional about sharing the love of Jesus with others!

I have had the privilege of knowing and serving with the Jaimez family for several years now and have been so blessed by them and their heart to serve the Lord.  Even though Carmen is a single mom, she does not let the difficulties of life hold her back from all that God has for her and her family.  She not only serves with her immediate family, but she also serves with several of her sisters and their families too!  It has been such a blessing to see how they encourage their children to serve God with their gifts, and I have seen first hand how these families are growing and maturing to be more and more like Christ. I have asked Carmen some questions to share with us how she has been inspired to serve God with her family.

GKFTK: What do you do with your kids to serve God together?

Carmen: We serve as a family by hosting a Bible study for the kids in our neighborhood.  We open our home to make a difference in our community.  This has also given us the opportunity to bring kids from our neighborhood Bible club to our church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings to serve and grow even more in their faith.

GKFTK: How is serving like this fun for your kids and the whole family?

Carmen: Serving is an amazing journey and experience. You think that you’re giving, but actually God is giving you the opportunity to be part of His divine plan. Serving with my kids gives me the opportunity to see my kids and nieces and nephews grow in their spiritual gifts.  It also gives them a safe place to share their faith.

GKFTK: What are your kids learning from this experience?  

Carmen: I have seen my kids growing in the Lord, learning how to be responsible, working as a team, and trusting God even on the hard days.

GKFTK: How has your family made an impact on others for Jesus by serving in this way? 

Carmen: We serve a faithful God, and He uses all the opportunities that come from sharing His love with others. It is hard to know the impact we have in our church or community. I think only God knows that, but I know, despite all the circumstances that have happened in our lives, we decided to take a step of faith and serve God with all our hearts.  We share His Word and His love with our family, friends, and neighbors.

GKFTK: Any other benefits from serving with your kids?

Carmen: There are many benefits of serving God.  First of all knowing that we are being faithful servants to use the spiritual gifts God has given us.  Instead  of complaining how hard life is or how bad our circumstances are, we trust God and follow His lead.  I teach my kids to serve and see them grow in love and grace.  I have also met amazing people that pray with me and help me with my kids.  God has given us a new family, a spiritual one.  It is sad that we take for granted serving the Lord, because it is a privilege to work for the King of Kings.  There is no greater fulfilling task.  Everything we do, we do it for the Lord.

GKFTK: That’s great Carmen! I love how you feel that it is a privilege to work for the Lord rather than an obligation.  That definitely shows in the work that you do.  And I have seen first hand how many children are being impacted and are growing in their faith because you open up your home each week.

Neighborhood Bible clubs are a great way to share the message of God’s love with children who may not know about Jesus, and its a safe, fun ministry to involve your children in too!  For more information on starting a neighborhood Bible club, click here. Or if you are interested in coming to this one this summer, contact me!